So I have a new release out (11/01/17) via the rather splendid Reverb Worship. The last time I was on this label was way back in 2008 and it’s good to be back. The new collection is called The Mystery Pinecone Tape and is very special to me.

The collection is loosely based around the TV show Twin Peaks. Maybe my take on an alternative Twin Peaks world. Each tune was written in the order in which they appear on the cd. They were written and recorded on a Tascam 4 track sometime in the past. Exact date unknown. A beaten acoustic guitar, a delay pedal and natural distortion were used to relay the sounds to tape.

It’s limited to 40 copies and looks rather nice…



Very very excited that my new cassette release (yes cassette!) is now out on the amazing Metaphysical Circuits. You can pick one up at my bandcamp and engulf yourself in the acid psychedelic madness. One of the tracks is featured below.

From Metaphysical Circuits:
While “guitar-centric” music was never part of Metaphysical Circuits’ grand plan, we’ve still, gladly, found ourselves issuing the odd six-string benchmark (Dura, cryptic scenery, uBiK) the past few years. Here’s another – undeniably different from the aforementioned – courtesy of The End Springs, the UK-based solo guise of first-take-best-take instrumental acid folk specialist Stephen Kent.

“The Colour of Brown” ranges from slow motion acoustic strum meditations to delicately melodic electrified conversations, floating over (reed) beds of animated psych/drone. Things get epic-like ‘eavy and amped up on side B!

Limited to 20 copies wyrldwyde. (Now SOLD OUT at label)


A track of mine is featured on a split 7″ with Caligine and out on A Beard of Snails Records. Check it out here. There is a mega rare “mable” version (NOW SOLD OUT) as well as regular black vinyl. Check out a sample of each track below (My sample is the 2nd half).


I also have some copies available on my bandcamp.


I have a unreleased track on a compilation on A Beard of Snails Records. Unfortunately it’s now sold out!! (THEY DO NOW HAVE A FEW COPIES FOR SALE) It’s an amazing compilation! It’s the labels 100th release with music by The End Springs, Mold Omen, Il Taglia, Caligine, Riasni Drova, micromelancolié, BOSQUES, The Cats’ Orchestra, Brandon Hurtado, mono volumen, Mark Bradley, Dao De Noize, Vejgaard Ambient, Inhibitionists & Brian Green, and kokori. Have a listen to my track below.


I also had a 3″ cdr release out on A Beard of Snails Records called “Caos”. It features the track below and three others. Now completely sold out.



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