Handmade releases (CD) (Self release)
Limited edition copies
£5 (UK) / £7 (Intl) (Inc P+P) – PayPal to endsprings(at)btinternet(dot)com

Handmade CDs each featuring very exclusive artwork (each one different). 100% recycled cardboard cases (hairy manilla colour) in a self seal bio-degradable bag. Each one is specially made to order.

Choose from:

Hexadic Experiments
Snakes (unreleased)
Stark Wood (unreleased)
The Colour of Brown
The Mystery Pinecone Tape
The Seider Ramm (previously digital only release)
The Silent Meadow
There Lies The Electric Reasons
Various Compilation Tracks

Check out my discography page & If you would like any other previous release I’ll be happy to do that as well.

My Soundcloud page for track samples.



The Mystery Pinecone Tape (CD) (Reverb Worship)
Limited to 40 copies (I only have 1 left)
£5 (UK) / £7 (Intl) (Inc P+P) – PayPal to endsprings(at)btinternet(dot)com


The Colour of Brown (CS) (Metaphysical Circuits)
Limited to 20 copies wyrldwyde. (I only have 2 left). (SOLD OUT at label)
£5 (UK) / £7 (Intl) (Inc P+P) – PayPal to endsprings(at)btinternet(dot)com

From Metaphysical Circuits:
While “guitar-centric” music was never part of Metaphysical Circuits’ grand plan, we’ve still, gladly, found ourselves issuing the odd six-string benchmark (Dura, cryptic scenery, uBiK) the past few years. Here’s another – undeniably different from the aforementioned – courtesy of The End Springs, the UK-based solo guise of first-take-best-take instrumental acid folk specialist Stephen Kent.

“The Colour of Brown” ranges from slow motion acoustic strum meditations to delicately melodic electrified conversations, floating over (reed) beds of animated psych/drone. Things get epic-like ‘eavy and amped up on side B!


Split 7″ with Caligine (Vinyl) (A Beard of Snails Records)
Limited to 100 copies wyrldwyde.
£5 (UK) / £7 (Intl) (Inc P+P) – PayPal to endsprings(at)btinternet(dot)com


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