Volume I (cdr) (ES01)
Volume I (Ltd Ed cdr / 1st run) (ESL01)
Volume I (Ltd Ed cdr / 2nd run) (ESL02)
Peace Paws (split cassette) (NNF040)
Volume II (cdr) (ES02)
The Return of Things Too Beautiful (Ltd Ed cdr) (ESL03)
The Cold Dirt Diaries (3″ cdr) (C.0.W.002)
Winds of Dust 1 (split cassette single) (WOD01)
There Lies The Electric Reasons (cdr) (RW024)
Synergy (cdr) (ttc 008)
The Twisted Feathers ep (3″ cdr) (DWT18)
The Silent Meadow (cdr) (ABOS146)
Caos (3″ cdr) (ABOS3-088)
Split (7″ vinyl) (ABOS3-072)
The Colour of Brown (cassette) (MCMC62)
The Mystery Pinecone Tape (cd) (RW 355)

Handmade cd releases:

Snakes (previously unreleased)
Stark Wood (previously unreleased)
The Colour of Brown
The Mystery Pinecone Tape
The Seider Ramm (previously digital only release)
The Silent Meadow
There Lies The Electric Reasons
Various Compilation Tracks

Discogs page.

Compilation Tracks

V/A – 101 Strings Tribute (Nightpass Records) My track – “Concerto for Springs”. *Was never released*
V/A – A Compilation (JK Tapes / JK1) My track – “Home End Springs”.
V/A – Washed Shores (Compilation) – (Seafoam Records / Seafoam 002) My track – “Traveling with Golden Kites”.
V/A – Vinyl Beards (BSBTA Vinyl & A Beard of Snails Records / Bsbtavinyl 6) Collaboration track (w/ A Man & A Guitar) – “Dusty Train”.
V/A – The Field Notes That Fled (Tired Trails Collective / ttc 005 ) My track – “White Feathers”.
V/A – Bonus CD with Vinyl Snails LP (A Beard of Snails records) Collaboration track (w/ Lex Panayi) – “Stark Wood 2”.
V/A – Bearded Snails (A Beard of Snails records / ABOS3-100) My track – “Rise of The Wind”


If We Were Moons (4-Way Split) (Tract Records / TR040) Features 4 beautiful songs (including a Songs:Ohia cover) by the Viking Moses which feature me playing 2nd guitar.

Kevin Greenspon – “Cultural Geography of the United States” (Bridgetown Records / BTR-09) I contributed guitar to a track called “Ghostride The ‘Ssippi”.

Collaboration with Will MacLean (Protovulcan, Ice Cream Mission to Mars & previously of Variety Lights) on psychedelic synth acid folk via Blue Moth – Bandcamp.

Future stuff