The End Springs


The End Springs is my project of rare lo-fi minimal guitar soundscapes & electronic recordings. Mostly 1st takes & with everything left in.

I make music soundscapes. Psych folk acoustic guitarist playing experimental & strange electronic pieces. Improvisations using a acoustic guitar, noise, loops, soft synths, PAL198X analog synth, Korg Monotribe & Korg Monotron Delay synth. Worked over sequences recorded on a Tascam analog 414 mk II 4 track.

Find digital versions of my releases on Bandcamp. More to be added as and when including unreleased stuff.

You can find more of my tracks on my Soundcloud page.

Current Releases.

So excited to make known that a track of mine is featured on a split 7″ with Caligine and out on A Beard of Snails Records. Check it out here. There is a mega rare “mable” version (NOW SOLD OUT) as well as regular black vinyl. Check out a sample of each track below (My sample is the 2nd half).


I also have some copies for sale. Just email me if you want one and I’ll send a PayPal invoice (price includes p+p).

UK – £5.00 / INTL – £7.00


I have a unreleased track on a compilation on A Beard of Snails Records. Unfortuantly it’s now sold out!! (THEY DO NOW HAVE A FEW COPIES FOR SALE) It’s an amazing compilation! It’s the labels 100th release with music by The End Springs, Mold Omen, Il Taglia, Caligine, Riasni Drova, micromelancolié, BOSQUES, The Cats’ Orchestra, Brandon Hurtado, mono volumen, Mark Bradley, Dao De Noize, Vejgaard Ambient, Inhibitionists & Brian Green, and kokori. Have a listen to my track below.


I also had a 3″ cdr release out on A Beard of Snails Records called “Caos”. It features the two tracks below and two others. Also now sold out at label.


I have 4 copies of Caos for sale (sold out at label). Just email me if you want one and I’ll send a PayPal invoice (price includes p+p).

UK – £5.00 / INTL – £7.00

There is also a digital version available which features an exclusive bonus track which is an outtake of the Caos session. Head to my bandcamp to download.



Volume I (cdr) (ES01)
Volume I (Ltd Ed cdr / 1st run) (ESL01)
Volume I (Ltd Ed cdr / 2nd run) (ESL02)
Peace Paws (split cassette) (NNF040)
Volume II (cdr) (ES02)
The Return of Things Too Beautiful (Ltd Ed cdr) (ESL03)
The Cold Dirt Diaries (3″ cdr) (C.0.W.002)
Winds of Dust 1 (split cassette single) (WOD01)
There Lies The Electric Reasons (cdr) (RW024)
Synergy (cdr) (ttc 008)
The Twisted Feathers ep (3″ cdr) (DWT18)
The Silent Meadow (cdr) (ABOS146)
Caos (3″ cdr) (ABOS3-088)
Split (7″ vinyl) (ABOS3-072)

Discogs page.

Compilation Tracks

V/A – Bearded Snails (A Beard of Snails records / ABOS3-100) My track – “Rise of The Wind”
V/A – The Field Notes That Fled (Tired Trails Collective / ttc 005 ) My track – “White Feathers”.
V/A – Vinyl Beards (BSBTA Vinyl & A Beard of Snails Records / Bsbtavinyl 6) Collaboration track (w/ A Man & A Guitar) – “Dusty Train”.
Washed Shores (Compilation) – (Seafoam Records / Seafoam 002) My track – “Traveling with Golden Kites”.
A Compilation (JK Tapes / JK1) My track – “Home End Springs”.


Collaboration with Will MacLean (Ice Cream Mission to Mars & previously of Variety Lights) on psychedelic synth acid folk via Blue Moth – Soundcloud.

Kevin Greenspon – “Cultural Geography of the United States” (Bridgetown Records / BTR-09) I contributed guitar to a track called “Ghostride The ‘Ssippi”.

If We Were Moons (4-Way Split) (Tract Records / TR040) Features 4 beautiful songs (including a Songs:Ohia cover) by the Viking Moses which feature me playing 2nd guitar.

Future musical appearances

…….Hopefully some new Blue Moth stuff arriving soon.

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