New End Springs release…..

So I have a new release out (11/01/17) via the rather splendid Reverb Worship. The last time I was on this label was way back in 2008 and it’s good to be back. The new collection is called The Mystery Pinecone Tape and is very special to me.

The collection is loosely based around the TV show Twin Peaks. Maybe my take on an alternative Twin Peaks world. Each tune was written in the order in which they appear on the cd. They were written and recorded on a Tascam 4 track sometime in the past. Exact date unknown. A beaten acoustic guitar, a delay pedal and natural distortion were used to relay the sounds to tape.

It’s limited to 40 copies and looks rather nice…



End Springs Instagram…

Just to let the followers of my Instagram profile know, my account (endsprings) has been hacked and I currently have no control of it!

I have contacted Instagram through their help centre, many times now, but yet to receive any actual help.

If any spam is used on my profile, please be assured it is not me. Hopefully Instagram will help soon…(I have a feeling they won’t)!

I am also not “Josh Walker”!!!


***** JANUARY 2017 UPDATE *****

I now have control back of my Instagram account! 


I find it incredible that people are that sad and have such empty lives that they have to hack other peoples accounts!



If you’ve never seen or read the Galactic Zoo Dossier you must check it out. Put together and hand drawn by the incredible Plastic Crimewave. The latest issue (Issue 10) is out now via Drag City Records. Comes with trading cards and a special Galactic Cassette. Pure psychedelic enjoyment!


Handmade CDs

I now have available limited edition handmade CDs of previous (and future) End Springs releases. Each one featuring exclusive one off artwork and each one made to order. 100% recycled cardboard cases (hairy manilla colour) in a self seal bio-degradable bag. Please check out my discography page here & releases page here.



Handmade cdrs

I now have the cases I need for some limited handmade cdr releases. Just need to get some paint and we’re all go! Stay tuned for pictures and info.



Just wanted to put a big thank you out there to Mr Ben Chasny (@6organs) for featuring some of my Hexadic pieces on his website. You can check them out here (towards the bottom). Thanks Ben!

If you haven’t already please check out Bens two Hexadic albums and book here.