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Devendra Banhart Tour T-Shirt

Very rare Devendra Banhart T-Shirt from the “Rejoicing….” period. Only worn a couple of times and in excellent condition. Originally brought from a Devendra gig around the time Rejoicing In The Hands…was released. I think it was from his 1st major tour of the UK. It has an exclusive design on the front featuring the faces of his band and is a Fruit of the Loom T-Shirt.

Size = SMALL 19″ (armpit to armpit)

As there is only one available it’s first come first serve. Please email me first if you would like this.

UK – £15 / INTL – £20 (inc P+P) – PayPal to endsprings(at)btinternet(dot)com


“From Your Mouth To God’s Ears” – Adam Lipman (cd) (SHR155)


A concept album that feasts on its own allusions, Adam Lipman’s From Your Mouth to God’s Ears was recorded in a house in Salt Lake City, Utah, under the shadow of the Mormon Temple.

The recording session had two sides to the battle: those who had left the church, and those who had remained a part of the church. Lipman was in the middle of it all; wrestling with the warring factions of belief, compelling them to yield to the songs above all else, as he himself wrestled with God to gain his royal life, demanding the differences to be set aside for the recording session, submitting to nothing but songcraft and his unwavering totalitarian ego. The lyrics reference French director Maurice Pialat’s masterpiece, A Nos Amours, Chaucer’s The Epic Dandelion, and the sickeningly familiar elements of the common neurotic’s daily life. The music, tailored with patience and diligence, sounds both harshly anachronistic and thoroughly, unrelentingly modern. A traditional assortment of organ, piano, drums, guitar, and bass belies the rather unconventional tone and structure of these songs.

Spencer Kingman, who recorded the fantastic Spenking (Marriage Records), plays piano and sings on the record. Ruth Allison Dana, “Beautiful” Johnny, and Isaac Howard all put in playing duties as well.

Lipman has toured with a plethora of different musical acts (Little Wings, The Blow, tropical hip-hop group Quem Quaeritis) and has shared bills with Ponytail, Viking Moses, and Yacht, among others. His previous album Feathered Palm Trees (Folk Tale Records) was the number one most played new album on KDVS, Davis, CA, and in the top ten at KSPC, Claremont, CA.

Released by Shrimper Records


UK – £8.00 / INTL – £10.00 (inc P+P) – PayPal to endsprings(at)btinternet(dot)com


“Concert For Two Bicycles” – George Thomas and The Owls (cd) (RDC 004)

GT&TO (Smaller)

The recording of ‘Concert for Two Bicycles’ was split equally between a garden shed in the Peaks, and a flat beside the railway tracks in Manchester. The resulting sound is one of humble charm, with a rare and at times almost unnerving closeness to the listener. Its an album that’s full of warmth and an earthy humanity, where songs about the pleasures of the local bakery sit happily alongside those about the pests and diseases of garden flowers. They are songs that are dark like confectionery, yet hopeful like chemotherapy…

Full length cd in a cardboard digipak style case.

Released by Red Deer Club.


UK – £6.00 / INTL – £8.00 (inc P+P) – PayPal to endsprings(at)btinternet(dot)com


“EV/Coyote Deathbed Surprize” (Deluxe Expanded Edition) – Golden Boots (lp + Cassette)

Goldenbootsfrontsmall02 GBorangepinksmall02 goldenbootstape02

Throw Mutations-era Beck, The Monkees, and Gram Parsons into a blender and you would get something roughly equivalent to Tucson, AZ’s Golden Boots. This is a double EP 12″ that is comprised of Coyote Deathbed Surprize tour-only ep, and the EV ep, which was originally intended to be released on the PIAPTK Trust Series. Pink and orange “starblast” vinyl that has a couple of very peculiar qualities:

SIDE A – HAS DOUBLE GROOVES that run parallel, meaning that if you put the needle down on the lead-in groove, you will play either the odd or even grooves, and each set of grooves has a different set .


Also included is the Telelog Freedom limited edition cassette with 8 new songs, some of which are alternate/demo versions of songs on the new Golden Boots album, due out in Spring 09. (Limited to 250)

Released by People In A Position To Know.


UK – £20.00 / INTL – £25.00 (inc P+P) – PayPal to endsprings(at)btinternet(dot)com


“Vinyl Beards” – Various Artists (lp) (BSBTAVINYL6)


Eight awesome collaborative tracks from some of our favourite psych / folk / noise-underground people (Sea Zombies, We Wait for the Snow / throuRoof, Cones, Family Battle Snake / Sarah’s Charity, Donato Epiro / Vanessa Rossetto, Shiggajon, The End Springs / A Man & A Guitar, Fabio Orsi / Valerio Cosi)..

12″, 33 rpm lp in individually stenciled jackets. (Limited to 200)

Released by A Beard of Snails Records.


UK – £15.00 / INTL – £20.00 (inc P+P) – PayPal to endsprings(at)btinternet(dot)com


“In Gods We Trust” – Las Vegas Club (cdr) (JS004) 


The third album of instrumental rock from the mind of Joe Kendall. On In Gods We Trust Joe Kendall and his Las Vegas Club perform songs inspired by various gods, deities, supernatural creatures, and religious figures from human history. Loaded with classical guitar, baroque jams, video game guitar solos, orchestral drumming, screams, and latin chants. All of it, an adventure in high fidelity.

Full length cdr in black arigato pack w/ insert. (Limited to 200)

UK – £5 / INTL – £7 (inc P+P) – PayPal to endsprings(at)btinternet(dot)com

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