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“The Way I Deux” – Little Wings (Fanzine)


I’m proud to say I have been working with Kyle Field to produce a glimpse into the world of the music of Little Wings. A fanzine featuring reviews, album info and an exclusive new interview with Kyle. A good start and reference point for Kyle’s musical treasure trove! Stuff you may have seen before and some you may have not. The cover is an exclusive drawing by Kyle.

Black & white A5 fanzine (40 pages) with special title lettering (by Brendon Massei) & gloss cover featuring exclusive artwork. Two additional inserts are also included. (Edition of 60)

UK – £5 / Intl – £7

“The Twisted Feathers ep” – The End Springs & George Thomas (3″ cdr) (DWT18)


There comes a time when musicians search for new sounds and inspiration, taking paths that lead to new horizons. The time came for these two artists.

Four beautiful collaborations feature on this cdr, each one twisting and turning through the minds of the End Springs and George Thomas. Good friends working together via the british postal service and the feathered warriors of the sky.

White faced 3″ cdr packaged in a clear pvc case together with a cover featuring a feather from a british black and red chicken. Includes a small insert. (Edition of 40)

UK – £5 / INTL – £7

“Nyctanthes” – The Slowmovies (cdr) (DWT17)


I like this band a lot and I’ll tell you why. The Slowmovies create moods that shift & twist through the thoughts that are found amoungst the dusty air. They take you to a classic Italian movie & show you how the begining, middle & end should sound. Pick your favourite Italian film & The Slowmovies will be the creators of the soundtrack that it should have had…

Spray painted cdr packaged in a clear pvc case together with a cover designed by the band. It comes with two inserts featuring credits & notes. (Edition of 60)

UK – £6 / INTL – £8

“Folk Not Love” – Starving Pets (cdr) (DWT16)


There comes a time in every musicians life when the urge to try something new overpowers them. The time came for Starving Pets. Recorded at ‘Noplacelikehome’ studio throughout 2006, this collection of songs will cover your heart like a velvet blanket. Sparse vocals, acoustic strumming and animal keyboard sounds draw you in making you listen to every detail till you are engulfed in beauty.

Stickered cdr packaged in a clear pvc case together with a cover featuring artwork by Stephen & Andy. Includes two inserts featuring credits & a short bio. (Edition of 40)

UK – £6 / INTL – £8

“Both Sundays” – Adam Lipman (cdr) (DWT15)


What can I say about Adam Lipman. Well for a start Adam is a true gentleman, a kind spirit. He writes songs full of luscious melodies and dusty tales. Once they have found your soul they will make you keep coming back again & again. This is a collection that will never leave you and an ep that you must own…

As well as the normal cdr version there is also a version that includes a very limited bonus 3″ cdr featuring 3 live tracks recorded for Michael Leahy’s Cool As Folk radio show on KDVS.

Stickered cdr packaged in a clear pvc case together with a cover featuring artwork by Andy Kowalczyk and a insert featuring credits. The normal cdr comes wrapped in hand stamped brown postal paper while the bonus 3″ version comes wrapped in Christmas wrapping paper. (Edition of 60) / (Edition of 25 – Bonus 3″)

UK – £6 / INTL – £8


“Civil War Songs and Road Kill” – Pony Bones (cdr) (DWT12)


Ok….so this is it. I love raw Blues & for me Pony Bones is raw Blues. Eight amazing songs that hit you in the face like a bat zoned out on acid & that sound like they were each recorded for a 78 rpm in the 50’s! Killer banjo riffs, sharp guitar & howling vocals strike your heart & keep it pumping to Matthew Proctor & his beat…

Spray painted cdr packaged in a clear pvc case together with a cover featuring one of five different polaroid pics taken by Matthew. Includes a beautiful insert featuring credits & words by Matthew. (Edition of 50)

UK – £6 / INTL – £8

“The Goddesst EP” – Violet Flame Meditation (cdr) (DWT11)

Violet Flame Meditation is the work of one woman, Ruth Allison Dana. The Goddesst EP is a work of pure joy & beauty. Comprised of songs from the heart and melodies from the ocean, Ruth presents here songs of honesty. From reggae tinged groove to haunting hymms this collection will hit you like a passionate kiss from your loved one! It’s an honour to have Ruth on the label & you should feel honoured to have Ruth’s music in your life.

Stickered cdr packaged in a clear pvc case together with a cover featuring artwork by Christopher Allman. Includes one insert and hand stitched within the cover a booklet including lyrics and a dedication to one of Ruth’s dearest friends. (Edition of 70)

UK – £6 / INTL – £8

“Startlights In The Afternoon” – Hourglass Drops (cdr) (DWT10)


Nil Pavlov creates sound landscapes that evoke feelings of flying above the clouds. Beautiful drone that takes you & leads you to a far land. When everyone else is singing of love Hourglass Drops knows it’s the music that is love…

Spray painted cdr packaged in a clear pvc case together with a cover featuring artwork by Nil himself. Includes a beautiful photo (also by Nil) & a handwritten thank you note housed in a resealable bag. (Edition of 50)

UK – £6 / INTL – £8

“Greetings From La Puente” – Kevin Greenspon (3″ cdr) (DWT08)


Features 8 songs of tongue-in-cheek acoustic pop. This is a portrait of the land in which Kevin Greenspon lives & plays his songs. Take a dive & join him in tales of Pepto & Rolaids & Soap Opera Actress’s…

3″ cdr packaged in a signed and stamped greeting card. Includes a full color sleeve, insert, and a clear resealable bag. (Designed & put together by Kevin) (Edition of 100)

Split release with Bridgetown Records (BTR-02)

UK – £5 / INTL – £7

“trance state spitfire in 3 directions at once…” – Dark Inside The Sun (cdr) (DWT07)


Dark Inside The Sun’s Steve Gigante hails from a small town in Pennsylvania, USA. What hails from Steve Gigante is music that is so rough and down right dirty it will slice your heart and then pound it back together. Mixing noise improv drums/electric guitar poetic meltdowns with warped and tender acoustic blues/ballads – the combination somehow equals rock ‘n’ roll. But it’s the Devil’s rock ‘n’ roll, a.k.a. the real stuff that will literally change your life. This collection of ‘moments’ was drawn from live performances recorded all over the U.S. then lovingly beaten into shape with help from Greg Saunier.

Picture stickered cdr packaged in a clear pvc case together with a reversible cover. Two killer inserts are included featuring lyrics and a photo that shows a sculpture Steve made in woods near his home. (Edition of 50)

UK – £6 / INTL – £8

“Voice Rockets on the Satellites” – Flaspar (cdr) (DWT05)

Ok….so here it is. Voice Rockets on the Satellites by Flaspar. Probably thee greatest long lost album there ever was. Recorded over 10 years ago, Dust Wind Tales is so proud to now announce it’s release. From the mind of Cody Brant and friends (Viking Moses, Spenking & Others) comes a pure interpretation of honest songwritting. Not what you may think of a current Flaspar album but it fits so very perfectly in their on-going musical journey. Southern sound guitars, jamopka style stomps and incoherent lessons in the life of tiger cats spans this magical disc while covered deep in tar. Wear your free badge to complete this time you knew was coming. This is a album YOU MUST own…….

Picture stickered cdr packaged in a clear pvc case together with a cover featuring a collage by Cody. Oversized insert featuring credits and a robot picture . As a bonus there is a special pin badge featuring new Flaspar artwork (see above) and made especially for this release. (Edition of 80)

UK – £6 / INTL – £8

“Unicorns Still Make Me Feel Fine” – The Child of A Creek (cdr) (DWT04)

09 (website)

When I first heard this collection of songs I wanted to cry (in a good way). The feeling that Lorenzo Bracaloni creates on this album is truly amazing. Beautiful melodies that twist & turn like twine around a tree. Melodies that pick you up & melodies that lift you to a view of dusty meadows & landscapes. This is pure…

Spray painted cdr packaged in a clear pvc case together with a cover featuring artwork by Lorenzo himself. Four inserts are also included featuring lyrics, credits & a small photo. As a bonus there is a badge (made especially for this release) that is held to a piece of curtain from a charity shop. (Edition of 60)

UK – £6 / INTL – £8

“Birdsong In Stereo” – W-S Burn (cdr) (DWT03)


Keith Richards once said “It’s not what you play, it’s what you don’t play that matters”. Well, W-S Burn know it….they know it! Pure, minimalist music that secretly traps – and then releases – you in a sense of time-stopping beauty. Sweetly haunting vocals by Pixie are complemented by hidden lamp chimes and Steve Gigante’s twisting guitars. Violinist Marcelle Good’s playing on several songs only adds to the ethereal wonder. This collection will leave you breathless…

Re-issue of a self released cdr. Spray painted cdr packaged in a clear pvc case with original insert, a bonus insert (designed by Pixie) & a small numbered insert holding a feather from the British pheasent. (Edition of 60)

UK – £6 / INTL – £8

“Hate Me Tender” – A Man & A Guitar (cdr) (DWT02)


When all around us are trying to sound like someone else Bruno Duplant sounds like no-one but himself. Haunting melodies & dark lyrics feature throughout this album & a feeling of being in France, late at night, looking over the river Seine, bleeds from the music…

Spray painted cdr packaged in a clear pvc case together with a cover featuring artwork by Amelie Vidgrain. Includes a small insert with words by Bruno. (Edition of 50)

UK – £6 / INTL – £8

“Winds of Dust #1” – The End Springs / Donato Epiro (cs) (WOD01)


Here it is….the first Winds of Dust release. Side A features The End Springs who bring the winds of the sky & the melodies of the forest to this release. Subtle tones & open tunings that interplay with sounds of the bali bamboo flute. He lays the soil in the garden for what is to become. Donato Epiro features on side B & takes the release to the next level. From his garden he tempts the slugs from their feed to come to see him intertwine guitar, balalaika & glockenspiel in a performance of beauty. Winds of dust sweep inbetween his sounds & lift the music (& slugs) to a new land…

Split cassette single on white tape with insert in clear handpainted poly case. (Edition of 60)

UK – £5 / INTL – £7