New Hexadic Tune

Got me arse in gear and did some recording of a new hexadic tune. A stroke of genius or utter chaos!



Hexadic soundscapes

Two new Hexadic soundscapes in the works. Initial workings and tonal fields done. For one of the them I have recorded the basic background track. More recording to be done in the coming weeks.





After the extremely exciting news that some new Flaspar tunes are in the works (via Cody Brant on FB) why not check out the Flaspar classic I released via Dust Wind Tales:

“Voice Rockets on the Satellites” – Flaspar (cdr) (DWT05)

Ok….so here it is. Voice Rockets on the Satellites by Flaspar. Probably thee greatest long lost album there ever was. Recorded over 18 years ago (1999), Dust Wind Tales is so proud to now announce it’s release. From the mind of Cody Brant and friends (Viking Moses, Spenking & Others) comes a pure interpretation of honest songwritting. Not what you may think of a current Flaspar album but it fits so very perfectly in their on-going musical journey. Southern sound guitars, jamopka style stomps and incoherent lessons in the life of tiger cats spans this magical disc while covered deep in tar. Wear your free badge to complete this time you knew was coming. This is a album YOU MUST own…….

Picture stickered cdr packaged in a clear pvc case together with a cover featuring a collage by Cody. Oversized insert featuring credits and a robot picture . As a bonus there is a special pin badge featuring new Flaspar artwork (see above) and made especially for this release. (Edition of 80)

UK – £6 / INTL – £8

Check out the releases page for info on how to order.


Handmade CDs

I still have available some limited edition handmade CDs of previous End Springs releases. Each one featuring exclusive one off artwork. 100% recycled cardboard cases (hairy manilla colour) in a self seal bio-degradable bag. Please check out my discography page here & releases page here for more info.





New End Springs release…..

So I have a new release out (11/01/17) via the rather splendid Reverb Worship. The last time I was on this label was way back in 2008 and it’s good to be back. The new collection is called The Mystery Pinecone Tape and is very special to me.

The collection is loosely based around the TV show Twin Peaks. Maybe my take on an alternative Twin Peaks world. Each tune was written in the order in which they appear on the cd. They were written and recorded on a Tascam 4 track sometime in the past. Exact date unknown. A beaten acoustic guitar, a delay pedal and natural distortion were used to relay the sounds to tape.

It’s limited to 40 copies and looks rather nice…


End Springs Instagram…

Just to let the followers of my Instagram profile know, my account (endsprings) has been hacked and I currently have no control of it!

I have contacted Instagram through their help centre, many times now, but yet to receive any actual help.

If any spam is used on my profile, please be assured it is not me. Hopefully Instagram will help soon…(I have a feeling they won’t)!

I am also not “Josh Walker”!!!


***** JANUARY 2017 UPDATE *****

I now have control back of my Instagram account! 


I find it incredible that people are that sad and have such empty lives that they have to hack other peoples accounts!